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GIMP – Like Photoshop, But FREE!

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It’s slow and I need to do something! You’ve arrived. Sluggish page load times and poor site performance have pushed you to look at what you’re doing wrong, managing your website, and how you can improve. No doubt you’ve read articles on content, plugins, upgrades and possibly even seen a blog post or two on how loading Javascript can significantly slow your site. As…

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Finding your Website a Good Home

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But first, an experience we can all relate to… Is the neighborhood safe? Is there room for our family to grow? Does the home fit my lifestyle? What amenities are included? Are the neighbors friendly? Are there any structural or maintenance issues? How are the reviews/media? There’s a lot to consider when selecting a home. It’s a place for entertaining friends and family, as…

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Ultra-Fast WordPress Admin Password Reset

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Those who know me are aware that I while I’m not a writer and I tend to write a small novel to answer the simplest of questions. So lets try something new… We’ll cut the crap and get that WordPress admin password reset- because there’s a good chance that if you’re reading this, you need to get into your WordPress dashboard. Alright. Lets do…

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